10 podcasts in AI/ML/Data Science you should subscribe to now

Wether you’re a beginner in the space or already an experienced Deep Learning veteran, podcasts are one of the best ways to stay up to date with all the change and new stuff happening so quickly. It is also probably one of the methods requiring the least amount of effort to do so. Especially because you can listen to podcasts while doing other things (on a commute, during a walk in the park or while cooking, etc.).

From our own experience this has already paid huge dividends over the years, discovering things that you otherwise would have never heard of or probably much later. It’s nice staying ahead of the curve and listening to people often way smarter than yourself, or at least you think that must be the case 😛

So we took a quick break and compiled a list of the currently 10 most interesting podcasts out there that probably every Data Scientist, ML Engineer or Analyst should subscribe to. To keep it simple and provide a unified experience we utilized the allainews.com aggregator site to provide all the links to each pod and their recent episodes (You can also discover and subscribe to more interesting content there, including YouTube channels).

Here comes the list, let’s roll:

Talk Python To Me

Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by developer and entrepreneur Michael Kennedy. We all know that without Python AI/ML and the whole Data Science world wouldn’t be what it is today, so learning more about the language that runs many of the nice toys we play with on a daily basis makes sense.

Website | Link to feed

Practical AI

This one is part of the Changelog developer podcast network and aims at making artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone.

Website | Link to feed

Data Science at Home

It’s all about Technology, AI, machine learning and algorithms. The show is hosted by Dr. Francesco Gadaleta on solo episodes and interviews with some of the most influential figures in the field.

Website | Link to feed

Data Skeptic

A podcast – that also does consulting – hosted by Kyle Polich. It’s all about data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and similar topics. Data Skeptic is running in seasons since 2014.

Website | Link to feed


This is the place to talk about data! The prime show every for data enthusiast.

Website | Link to feed

The Gradient Podcast

The Gradient overviews on cutting-edge AI research and perspectives on the direction of the field and provides interviews with various people who research, build, or use AI, including academics, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.

Website | Link to feed

Adventures in Machine Learning – Devchat.tv

Great interviews with ML experts and the podcast no Machine Learning engineer wants to miss. Lots of career advice and insights guaranteed.

Website | Link to feed

Data Engineering Podcast

A weekly show that provides useful and informative insights into the projects, platforms, and practices that data engineers, team leaders, and data scientists need to know about to learn and grow in their career.

Website | Link to feed

Data Stories

A podcast on data visualization with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner. If you’re into the visual aspects of data then you don’t want to miss this one.

Website | Link to feed

The Stack Overflow Podcast

A frank and funny conversation about what it means to work in software and how code (and AI) is reshaping our world. So this, like the python pod from above, is also technically a must listen for everyone that touches code.

Website | Link to feed

We hope you enjoyed this list. If you like the composition above please feel free to share it around, you know how that works 😉