7 Slack communities about AI/ML/DS to join in 2021

If you want some diversion from reading papers and researching new trends in the Big Data space on your own, then joining communities is a nice short-cut and sometimes very productive alternative for you to learn or create new connections with some fellow professionals.

Here are some additional reasons why it can be beneficial to join these online communities:

  1. Collaboration – It allows members to collaborate and to discuss with other professionals in areas in which they want to either clarify or to gather some insights that would help them expand their knowledge. A collaboration channel is available for members to post questions, answer questions or read insights that might be beneficial to them, i.e. articles or websites that can be used for learning or training, new concepts or approaches that are effective and efficient to use.
  1. Camaraderie – Sometimes working alone bothers and disrupts our mental health, so another good thing about these communities is that they can promote conversation with other members and foster new relationships with comrades or future co-workers whom we can relate to, not just solely regarding work topics but also our frustrations and other sentiments about our profession, clients, trends, etc.
  1. Feedback – These communities also provide a channel for learning members to get insights and feedbacks about their technological approaches, strategies and ideas. The insights or critique they get from other members can help them improve and enhance their work, projects or even startups.
  1. Career opportunities – They can provide access to job opportunities most especially to those who are actively seeking for jobs in AI/ML or Big Data positions. They usually have a specific channel made for members to post vacancies that other members then can apply for directly.

Here are 7 free and open Slack communities you join right now

Site NameLinkDescription
Watson developer communityhttps://wdc-community.slack.com/ (https://wdc-slack-inviter.mybluemix.net/)This community gives you access to detailed developer resources and more to help you getting started with the IBM Watson toolchain. This includes documentation, SDKs on GitHub and other collaborative tools to help you with the integration.
AI Researchers and Enthusiastshttps://ai-researchers.slack.com/This community is a medium for researchers and enthusiast to exchange theories and concepts about Artificial Intelligence. This community is also open for all levels of research.
DSNet – Data Science Networkhttps://dsnetorg.slack.com/ (http://dsnet.org)Data Science Network is of the fastest-growing data science communities that is run and supported by Jovian.ml. This community provides a medium for you to exchange insights and learn from others through events and open channels as well as open resources.
R- Team for Data Analysishttps://r-data-team.slack.com/ (https://slofile.com/slack/r-data-team)R-Team is a supportive community that promotes both camaraderie and collaboration by learning and exploring the R language for data analysis and statistics. If you are interested in learning about R and its surrounding ecosystem of libraries this community might be perfect for you.
Papers with Codehttps://paperswithcode.slack.com/ (https://paperswithcode.com/)Papers with Code from the name itself provides an open resource of Machine Learning papers, code snippets, and evaluations for scholars, scientists or data enthusiast. This is a great community especially for those who are looking for novel research in this area to learn and adapt from for their own studies and/or research projects.
Python Developershttps://pythondev.slack.com/ (https://pythondevelopers.herokuapp.com)A community of python developers that collaborate and share insights about python. This is also a good community that could help you if ever you have issues on your py scripts or if you want to know more about python.
DataTalks.Clubhttps://datatalks-club.slack.com/ (https://datatalks.club/)DataTalks.Club is an online community that provides a medium for data enthusiast that would want to collaborate and learn more about applied data science, machine learning, data engineering and many more. If you are interested in these topics, then this community is perfect for you. You can also discuss career opportunities and join weekly events.

If you want more

If the above list isn’t enough for you and you want to join a few more (including smaller and non-free) or slightly different communities, visit Slofile (https://slofile.com/) to search for more.

WRITTEN BY Theressa Marie Tan | LinkedIn