9 Data Science & AI Startups to Keep Track of in 2021

Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence comprise a global market that has been on the rise for the past decade. The market is expanding rapidly, thanks to the massive contribution it has on other industries, and businesses that flourish within them.

The truth is, companies and businesses all over the globe are using some form of AI, ML, or data science to improve various segments of their business. We can see it in economics, healthcare, robotics, security, the food industry, and so many more. The demand for innovation is high, with more businesses using chatbots, security solutions, data processing and storing tools, and other similar conveniences and necessities.

Luckily, there are data science and AI startups that took charge and brought new things to the table. Below, we’ve created a list of 9 data science and AI startups you need to keep track of in 2021. Let’s take a look at who they are and what they do.

1. Alation

The company was founded in 2012 but launched its first modern data catalog in 2015. Alation is an AI-driven platform for data search & discovery, data governance, data stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation.

Here’s what makes them an attention-worthy industry leader:

  • they help enterprises understand, analyze, and trust data
  • they help them save money through data discovery
  • they cooperate with more than 200 enterprises
  • their impact is visible in over 20 industries

Alation works on helping overcome different data management challenges and is only growing stronger in 2021.

2. Eightfold.ai

Founded in 2016, the company Eightfold.ai is one of today’s leaders in using AI and data science for improving companies’ talent management and talent lifecycle. The company uses AI to help companies:

  • improve talent acquisition
  • retain talented employees
  • upskill
  • reskill
  • improve their recruitment process

The company helps other companies build a competitive advantage using advanced talent intelligence. They make the process of recruitment, interviewing, selection more successful, while also improving the overall experience and training process of the new employees.

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Fitness is yet another industry that openly embraces the possibilities for progress and improved customer experience offered by AI and data science. JAXJOX is a company that offers the ultimate at-home fitness experience, with their all-in-one interactive studios.

They offer their users:

  • AI-powered performance tracking
  • smart gym equipment
  • live streaming videos
  • real-time performance tracking

Simply put, JAXJOX combines the power of AI to measure performance and progress, and smart equipment used in various workouts. The goal is to help their users reach their fitness goals easily and effectively.

4. Anodot

Anodot is one of the leading startups in Business Monitoring. They use AI to help a business move forward and helping them reduce costs, engage their customers, and provide a better customer experience.

Anodot uses AI to constantly monitor and keep track of various segments of your business’ daily activities through data. They send daily reports, reminders, and alerts, to help businesses make smart decisions before a problem seriously impacts their customers. They monitor customers, revenue, partners, and fully cover a company’s data analysis needs.

5. ClosedLoop.ai

The healthcare industry is using the benefits and innovation provided by AI and data science startups, such as ClosedLoop.ai. This startup created a data science platform for the healthcare industry that can improve both the patient’s experience and the profitability of healthcare providers.

The startup is particularly successful in the COVID-19 era using a predictive model to identify people who are likely to have a heightened vulnerability to severe complications from COVID-19.

Apart from that, ClosedLoop.ai help with predicting patient admissions and readmissions, improving clinical documentation, managing scheduling, predicting chronic disease progression, etc.

6. Apheris

This Berlin-based company was founded in 2019, so it’s considered somewhat new on the market. Still, they already managed to achieve great success thanks to the idea behind their startup.

Apheris aims to help companies run analytics on decentralized datasets. That means that they offer cutting-edge privacy-preserving technology, making sure their customers store their data safely and wisely.

The best thing about it is that the data stays under the full control of the data owners, and they just bring the computations to the data.

7. Savvie.io

This next startup is based in Oslo and is aimed at the food industry, including cafés and bakeries. The goal of Savvie.io is to help the owners of cafés and bakeries, and caterers make smarter choices concerning supplies, daily operations, and waste management.

Savvie.io allows the users to:

  • track their business data through a mobile app
  • read daily insights, statistics, and important figures
  • make better decisions and improve their operations

They use data science and machine learning to provide real-time insight and information about a business, thus helping it grow and strive. It’s almost like having an expert or personal assistant keeping a close eye on all the numbers and facts you don’t have the time or knowledge to track.

8. Instreamatic

Instreamatic is an AI startup claiming to have reinvented audio marketing. They offer a voice dialogue marketing infrastructure that businesses can use to make more powerful and effective advertisements. They enable interactive, dialogue-based advertisements on mobile platforms.

In essence, the company uses natural language understanding (NLU) to help companies create ads their customers can talk to. This type of voice dialogue marketing offers significant improvements in:

  • customer experience
  • brand recognition
  • customer retention

It’s a revolutionary marketing strategy that opens a whole new door for marketers to explore.

9. Rosetta.ai

Finally, the application of AI and data science can be seen in e-commerce, as well, with companies such as Rosseta.ai offering innovative solutions and the power of AI to companies trying to sell better online.

Rosetta.ai was founded in 2016. Since then, they’ve offered solutions based on deep learning technology to help e-commerce companies with:

  • improving customer experience
  • driving more sales
  • smart product recommendations
  • personalization

They help their customers build loyalty and trust by creating the ultimate customer experience for each of their users, whether they’re returning or visiting their e-commerce for the first time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, AI and data science are taking over almost every industry today, offering new, innovative tools and solutions for businesses to rely on. The startups we’ve listed above showed brilliance, creativity, and excellent business skills.

WRITTEN BY Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin is a senior writer, freelance blogger, and editor at Get Good Grade. He follows and writes about the latest trends in machine learning, AI, and data science, helping his readers stay well informed and updated.