We launched “jobmarks”

Hey! It’s us again, launching a new and fun feature. Well, this is a no-brainer, obviously, but one with quite some impact, we believe.

Just imagine the situation of being on the go (most use ai-jobs.net on their mobile when looking for jobs) or your daily commute or whatever and you’re stumbling upon that super-exciting role. A perfect match. A dream position. You already can see yourself crushing it at that company. Money. Fame. The whole deal. But, of course, no time and CV at hand in that particular moment.

Some dead-simple and fail-safe bookmarking feature would be nice here, right? And a reminder service maybe, that drops you a message a few days later.

Yes, indeed. So we just built it, and here it is: Saved jobs a.k.a. Jobmarks

Use the Apply later button to “jobmark” a job ad and revisit or apply for it later.

With your user account (only requires email + password, sign up here) you can jobmark your favorite jobs for later application.

This way you won’t forget about them and don’t have to recollect them at a later time, especially when you’re ready to hammer in your application info and craft those crafty job application emails etc.

From your user dashboard you can find all your jobmarks under the “Saved jobs” menu item.

Collection of saved jobs.

Another goodie is the email reminder that you can opt in for with every job you save. This allows you to receive a simple reminder email 7 days after you hit the Apply later button.

Now you can stash your job hunting prey where it makes sense and apply for it later when you finally have the time for it.

Happy job hunting!