We now have “Dark Mode”

We did it. ai-jobs.net has dark mode now 🙂 Working in front of a screen all day is already tiring enough, especially for your eyes.

One solution a lot of developers go with is to turn their IDEs, terminals and sometimes just everything into “dark mode”, which basically means getting rid of all the bright white backgrounds.

We don’t necessarily want our site to be the drag in your daily workflow of coffee -> some coding -> stand-up meeting -> getting annoyed by your boss/pm -> start looking for a new job -> BAM! white screen, not cool.

So here’s our solution:

Click the contrast/adjust icon to switch between bright and dark mode.

With the top-right icon in the menu bar (works on all platforms and in every browser) you can easily switch between bright and dark mode. The setting will be stored with your browser session in a tasty but purely functional cookie.